Chinaplas 2017

With the scientific and technological innovation, a rapid growth has always been seen in BloomSmart due to its product quality and good service. First-class plastic packaging machine series products from our company have been sold all over the country. 

We have a professional R & D team with high speed, high performance and high precision. Since the very beginning, BloomSmart has made a success in the full servo pneumatic molding production line. Refined production management, professional division of labor and optimization of production processes, scale production, systematic supply chain management and good product quality must be based on good raw materials. Formula and technology also count, and our company  invested a lot of funds to do research every year, taking a series of measures to promote the internal and external quality.

In Chinaplas 2017 International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition, BloomSmart first launched the HMD SMARTFORMER Set, a variety of functions into one, such as molding, cutting, stacking, waste rewinding, sheet processing, multi-working procedures. we create a perfect production process includes full molding, neat punching, smooth action. With advanced servo motor, high-end computer control system, this machine highlights in precision, high speed, stability, energy saving, environmental protection, rapid cycle speed, larger molding area and neat appearance.

Three-station Automatic Forming machine HMDK65 has compact structure, solid castings, units with preheating, forming, vertically blanking, stacking, waste rewinding and labeling. It totally simplify the complicated packaging process. and enables to create greater profits for the users. 

Horizontal Punching Station machine HMP80/95  adopts advanced horizontal punching technology and uses metal tool. The remarkable features are that the high blanking speed, few errors, less loss. The speed can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the quantity, and the minimum speed is 20 times per minute and the maximum is 120 times per minute.The finished product after punching and shearing can be packaged and shipped directly, fully saving the site and labor cost.

The production line of questes for perfection by high demanding every screw, ensuring from the first link to the last step of machines, checking every part strictly in the aspects of the raw material procurement, parts processing, machine forming and machine testing, and improving technical innovation and production efficiency to achieve.

BloomSmart always adheres to people-oriented production, scientific and technological innovation which are bound to let China's machinery manufacturing lead the world . For us, Chinaplas 2017 International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition is the first step towards the world.