Automatic Pressure Forming Machines


Bloom smart is an innovation-oriented science and technology enterprise that integrates technology, industry and trade. The company mainly develops and manufactures all types of high-grade, precision and advanced automatic production facilities, which have been applied in various famous enterprises within the industry. Initially founded in south China, rooted and developed in Greater China Region, we’re dedicated to technology and innovation, Lean Production and Smart Production, we’re firmly convinced that we can change the world. 

All new HMD SMARTFOMER series automatic pressure air forming machines consist of unreeling unit, pre-heating unit, forming unit, steel-rule cutter unit, stacking unit, waste winding station, horizontal punch press machine, and online labeling unit, etc. Production lines can be assembled flexibly according to different customer demands. The production lines are widely applied  in  thermoforming  of  PP, APET,PS,PVC,OPS,PEEK,PLA,CPET  sheet  materials.

Years of Accumulation

We have an elite R&D team whose core members possess over 15 years of related product R&D experience. Early in 2003, the first all servo-motor control thermoforming machine was brought into production. Based on over a decade’s research accumulation, we’re able to offer a complete solution for customers with respect to thermoforming technology, facilities and molds. A majority of our customers’ products have become the industry’s models. We’ll provide superior facilities to plastic packaging market with professional and dedicated concept, help customers develop and produce new products, drive the trend and create win-win situation.

Professional & Dedicated

The market operation team of Dongguan Longrui has always been devoted to automatic equipment promotion and application for years. Equipped with first-class automatic equipment company’s business development experience, multiple mainstream application industry’s know-how, extraordinary capability and experience have enabled us to grasp market trend more accurately, and well meet customers’ demands in terms of product performance, efficiency, and security.

Advocacy of Technology

While being devoted to scientific and technological innovation, Dongguan Longrui also advocates craftsman spirit. We’re never contented with our achievements, keep improving parts’ techniques, ensure every part’s quality, exert strict inspection standard on products, and do not deliver goods if requirements are not well met. Meanwhile, we improve service constantly and make efforts to build up the best equipment in the thermo forming industry.




The BLOOMSMART modular system allows the machines to be configured to your specific requirements:

■    Unreeling station for foil rolls

■    lifting device for foil rolls

■    Foil pre-heating station for the conditioning of thermoplastic materials(PP,etc.)

■    Print-mark control for processing pre-printed foil materials

■    Cooled cover shields to adapt the heating length to the index length

■    Top and bottom clamping frame drive

■    Pneumatic spreading before the forming station

■    Stee rule cutter station

■    Stack station

■    Conveyor belt for transport of stacked products out of the machine

■    Waste winding station

■    Temperature control units

■    Tool-change devices

■    Horizontal punch press machine

■    Mutil-heads Labeling machine